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Dave Rinderle

Restaurateur Partner

As a community destination, Dead Low needed an entrepreneurial partner who could bring real creativity to a giant kitchen fit to feed tons of people, and Dave Rinderle did just that.  

 Entrepreneurship is in Dave’s blood. He always dreamt of owning his own restaurant and after many years of preparing, now he owns a few. When the Dead Low cofounders were searching for the right restaurateur partner, Dave made it an easy choice. His easy-going style, great ideas and entrepreneurial spirit made him a perfect fit with the startup.  

 Now as partner and owner of the Dead Low Kitchen, Dave brings his big picture thinking to create a totally new restaurant experience in a brewery.  This includes his choice for Head Chef, Scotty Berens, who demonstrates incredible passion and know-how for creating a craveable and delicious menu that serves a whole lot of people.  And they’re making everything on the really broad menu from scratch —unheard of in the beer-and-pizza world we’re used to.  

 Dave knows every aspect of the restaurant business. After many years as a cook, bartender and general manager in the restaurant industry, he opened and owns the Mac’s Pizza Pub on Wooster Pike. Dave is one of those owners the crew loves to work for and with. His approachable style influenced Dead Low’s founding principles of collaboration, creativity and experimentation.  

And while Dave tends to be behind the curtain making decisions and running the show, like his mom always taught him — he would never ask anyone on his staff to do something he wouldn’t do himself. In the demanding world of hospitality, you might just catch him running food, doing dishes or cleaning the bathrooms. His crew is like family and he wouldn’t have it any other way.