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Grant Thompson

Head Brewer

Dead Low Brewing welcomed Cleveland, Ohio native Grant Thompson in March 2020.  Grant began his brewing career with the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland and The Brew Kettle in Strongsville, Ohio.  Most recently Grant was Head Brewer at Ravinia Brewing Company in Highland Park/Chicago, Illinois. Prior, Grant was Head Brewer and Cellerman for Finch’s Beer Company also in Chicago.

Having worked at established breweries and startups, Grant has experience with all aspects of brewing — from experimenting with ingredients to scaling up winning recipes for distribution, and everything in between. Grant enjoys the historical and the culinary aspects of brewing.  In describing his style, “I like taking historic styles, styles that people think they are familiar with and tweaking them just a little bit, trying to change minds and find green space. In this industry, where everyone is trying everything, I like to find the little things, those little ideas that make your beer really stand out.”