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Paul Ganim


In 2011, Paul Ganim joined a home brew co-op in Anderson Township. That decision changed the course of his life because it sparked his love for brewing beer and his desire to open a brewery. As a financial consultant, Paul had been advising clients on how to plan for their retirements and manage their financial futures for nearly 15 years. As Director of Compliance, Education and Training at Rosselot Financial Group, he proudly helps other people live for today, prepare for tomorrow, and plan for life. Living this mantra for himself, Paul’s beer brewing hobby quickly became more serious and he started preparing to launch a brewery.  

Paul and his co-op brewers were starting to brew really good beer. Combine that with an entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep in his family and suddenly Paul and cofounders Kyle Havens and Christine Hall were developing a plan.  Paul’s entrepreneurial story is a story of navigating Dead Low. Over four years, Dead Low Brewing became a reality. It’s a story of charting uncertain and often challenging waters in service of your crew and the communities you meet along the way.  

The principles that are important to Paul — caring for the livelihood, safety, and security of your crew and their families — established the core values Dead Low Brewing was founded on. Paul’s pioneering vision was to create a community destination; a place for friends, family and the entire community to enjoy and live life more fully, individually and with each other; and he did. 

Paul remains in financial planning as Director of Compliance, Education and Training with his Rosselot Financial family.