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Scotty Berens

Head Chef

As Dead Low’s Head Chef, Scotty Berens brings creativity to his diverse and delicious menu that’s going to serve a whole lot of people with many different tastes.  

 Scotty produces everything from scratch — from sauces, marinades, breading, batters and most everything in between — unheard of in the beer-and-pizza breweries we’re used to. He leads a talented kitchen crew and they are very particular about their ingredients and how you treat them. There won’t be much at Dead Low that isn’t house made.  

 With sharable community sizes and individual make-it-your-way options, vegetarian, gluten-free and food for kids, Scotty wanted to make sure all eaters would feel right at home with a relaxed and delicious menu.  

 Scotty learned most of what he knows about customer service from the happiest place on earth, as a culinary intern at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in Disney World. The well-oiled machine that is Disney taught him how to run the most efficient kitchen possible as he cooked and served more than 900 people per night. It also taught him to put the customer first and remain positive in every situation — always. After all, Cinderella never had a bad day. 

 Since then, Scotty has served as kitchen manager at El Coyote in West Chester and most recently as sous chef at Funky’s Catering and Jeff Thomas Catering. His catering experience allowed him to perfect the skill of getting food out quickly and consistently.  

 Running kitchen logistics is one of Scotty’s strong points. He’s a firm believer that if the back-of-the-house runs efficiently, the front-of -the-house does too. From menu creation and food prep to managing the crew and customers, Scotty makes sure he has his hand in just about everything to provide seamless service and the best quality food.